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Ask Joanne - Will It Harm My Daughter If She Changes School?

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Nina asks:

Hi Joanne, my daughter is just starting kindergarten, but I am contemplating changing her to another school, because I don't feel the teaching is at the same standard as where she went to pre-kindergarten.

The problem is that I may be moving in with my boyfriend in the near future and he lives in a different county meaning I'll have to put her in a school around there. If this happens, it would be when she goes to first grade. I understand that it is not healthy to switch children from school to school and I really didn't want her to go back to her old school. What is your advice?

Here's life coach Joanne's reply.

Dear Nina

All children deal with change differently, so only you will know how your daughter is likely to handle this. Is she quick to settle in new situations, or does she get anxious for a long time? Even if she hates change, at least you will know what to expect and can prepare yourself for handling any negative outcome.

The situation you describe does sound like a lot of change in a short space of time, so yes, you may find that this makes your daughter feel insecure and hard to settle for a time. But if you are going to change schools, then it is probably better to do it at a younger age than when your child is older and has more established friendships or is doing major exams. At your daughter's age, in a year or so she will probably have forgotten that she ever went to another school, especially if she's moving to another county.

So when you do finally get settled at the school she's going to be staying at, put as much effort as you can in to helping her feel at home. Support her new friendships by arranging playdates and get involved with the school if you can.

Good luck with your move, I hope all goes well.

Best wishes


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