28/08/2009 09:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pregnant? You Can Still Look Stylish With Maternity Wear From Funmum.Com

I have often heard fashion-conscious pregnant friends complain at how uncomfortable and unfashionable maternity clothes can be. The Bridget Jones knickers, frumpy pastel-coloured garments and the ugliest of bras. It's enough to make any mother-to-be feel really unsexy.

But even if sexiness is the last thing on your mind, it doesn't stop you looking your best and aims to help you do just that.

They have heard your cries and come to your maternity wardrobe rescue. With T-shirts ranging from £15 to £30 and jeans starting off at just £39, the prices are reasonably credit-crunch friendly too, so you can save that extra bit of cash to spend on your baby.

Sizes range from 8-22 and for those of you who aren't sure what size you might fit into, there is a handy size chart available for you to measure up with.

Some pregnant woman I have spoken to in the past have mentioned that it is especially hard to come across any suitable evening wear, but has dedicated a specific section on its website for this type of style.

Gorgeous dresses and beautiful knee-length skirts are available, with starting prices of £24. Each item of clothing is styled around your bump, with most garments made so that when your bump grows the clothing will grow with you. Some items may even last throughout the whole of your pregnancy.

One of my favourite items of clothing is the elegant wrap dress with the flattering V-neck style. The wrap-around style not only shows off your bump but flatters your figure too. [Florence Buswell]