01/09/2009 08:30 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Uncomfortable Sleep? Try A Maternity Pillow

During pregnancy there are inevitably some activities that need to be renegotiated. Getting out of bed, bending over, exercising and washing up are cases in point!

With each of these everyday tasks carrying an extra degree of difficulty, the last thing you want is for sleep to become an arduous task as well. After all, you need sleep to be able to get up and do it all again tomorrow!

Women used to sleeping on their backs before pregnancy may find this position suddenly awkward as it restricts blood flow and may cause faintness. The best position will now be on your side, increasing blood flow to the placenta.

Here is where having an organic maternity pillow can help take a load off your back-quite literally!Instead of using multiple regular pillows to achieve comfort, you could try just one sausage-shaped organic pillow. Replacing synthetic petrochemical-derived fillings the Lulla-Luna organic pillow is full of natural spelt and buckwheat husk, which feels and smells luxuriously therapeutic.

The spelt grain has long been known for its relaxing virtues, and buckwheat is a medicinal plant which claims a positive effect on blood vessels and circulation. The idea is that the hulls move around as you sleep, relieving discomfort and backache and moving to suit your new curves. The soothing rustle will also aid relaxation too, apparently.

With the casing made from organically-grown cotton, which isn't treated with harsh pesticides, it is not only the environment that can rest easy, but with your new pillow, so can you! [Florence Buswell]

Lulla-Luna organic maternity pillows are available from, at £63.74.