02/09/2009 08:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Heartburn In Pregnancy - What Are Your Tips?

Gastric reflux is one of the lovely side-effects of pregnancy, making you feel uncomfortable at night and giving you the chance to enjoy your last meal all over again - only with added stomach juices.

Plenty of people have their methods for coping with this unpleasant pregnancy symptom, but what worked for you - if anything?

Gaviscon certainly helps me, and Rennie are handy to chomp on as soon as the meal is over. I've also found a glass of milk at night is nice - though some people insist that the fat content only makes matters worse. I admit that cereal first thing in the morning seems to sit in my throat for longer than I'd like, so maybe milk isn't such a great idea...
You can avoid all spicy foods, of course, but personally I'd rather suffer the consequences than give up my curries. Instead, I just eat very slowly so that the food has a chance to go down without my stomach being over-loaded.

I keep meaning to try ginger tea, but my once-favourite ginger beer has been slightly less appealing to me of late thanks to months of drinking it to help morning sickness. Redbush is good though - it feels like normal tea, but without the unhelpful caffeine.

Going for a gentle stroll after meals also seems like a good way to combat the problem. Or there's always my current favourite solution: lounge on the sofa, groaning gently to yourself while your other half rubs your stomach.

What are your gastric reflux tips? I'm hoping someone has the magic pill to offer (one that's safe to take in pregnancy for a change). Let me know in the comments below.

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