16/09/2009 04:41 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Sex And The City - Is Samantha Trying To Get Pregnant? And What About Carrie?...

Samantha Jones might make an unlikely mother but there are rumours the Sex and the City character may be trying to get pregnant in the new movie sequel.

Kim Cattrall, the actress who plays Samantha, has apparently been spotted carrying around a script for the film.

The experts have been scrutinising the pictures with a magnifying glass and have spotted some lines of dialogue which could suggest Samantha is trying to get pregnant.

It's reported that she's taking testosterone hormones, which are sometimes used to help women conceive.

In a scene between Samantha and her assistant Meghan, the PR queen reportedly knocks over a container of hormones and asks her assistant to get her some more.

Samantha tells her: "I'm going to need you to go on a testosterone run." Meghan replies: "I'll do it first thing tomorrow." But Samantha snaps back: "I'll call the pharmacy and tell them you are on your way."

There are also rumours that Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is going to get pregnant in the new film.

The Sex and the City stars were reunited in New York last weekend to shoot scenes for the movie sequel.

It was reportedly all hugs and kisses as they met, quashing rumours that things were still frosty between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker.

They were said to have fallen out during negotiations for the last film after Cattrall demanded the same salary as her co-star. But it looks like it's all sweetness and light again.

SJP also brought her baby twins to work on the set of the film. The girls, Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge, were recently born to a surrogate and were spotted napping under pink blankets, watched over by a nanny.

Source: Daily Mirror

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