28/09/2009 17:18 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

New Expert Videos Launched To Help Children With Eczema

Does your child suffer with the dry skin condition eczema? I bet if they don't, you know several other children who do.

Around six million adults and one in five children are currently living with eczema in the UK, and the number's rising. The good news is that, according to the NHS, around 75% of children will grow out of this condition by the time they reach their teens. But although you know that your child's eczema will probably go away eventually, in the meantime it's heartbreaking to see them tortured by recurring itching.

According to a national survey of 1000 people by natural skin care range Allergenics, the one effect of eczema that sufferers most want to live without is itching.

The survey also highlights that over half of sufferers feel there is a need for more eczema resources. In response, Dr Sarah Wakelin, a leading consultant dermatologist, has produced three new educational videos including helpful tips, insights and in-situation demonstrations on three key areas all affected by the dreaded itch:

  • Eczema & sleep
  • Childhood eczema
  • Limiting eczema flare-ups

Here's how to access the videos:

These free, expert-led videos are being launched in conjunction with National Eczema Week and will be available on the Life With Eczema website. It's been developed in association with Dr Sarah Wakelin and is designed to provide advice and useful resources for people living with eczema. You can view the videos at this link. They address a range of issues, including how modern day lifestyles seem to be worsening cases of eczema on a daily basis.

Dr Wakelin is a consultant dermatologist with a special interest in eczema which she has written about for The Royal Society of Medicine. She currently supervises an eczema clinic at the Imperial College London, the UK's largest NHS Trust. She says: "Although everyone's experience of eczema differs from person to person, there are some fundamental steps that sufferers and those close to them can take to help manage the condition. These videos are specifically designed to cover three important problem areas which can make life difficult for sufferers and illustrate how following some simple guidelines can help reduce and control the severity of eczema."

Does your child have eczema? What have you found helped? Leave a comment below