15/10/2009 05:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Level Crossings: Are Some Parents Taking A Fatal Risk?

You've probably noticed recently a series of TV adverts outlining the dangers of taking a chance at level crossings. The adverts, produced by Network Rail, have been produced to combat the number of unnecessary deaths of people who ignore the warnings at level crossings.

Sadly though, it would appear these warnings are falling on deaf ears for some. The Mirror reported this week that a young mother pushing a pram ignored the red light and strode across the crossing.

She was incredibly lucky to miss being hit by a train only yards away.

This would be a reckless act if she was on her own, but it's even more stupid when pushing a pram. Is this danger solely down to the individual who chooses to take the risk?

Grieving relatives and friends of those that have been killed at level crossings don't believe so.Network Rail claim their crossings are completely safe if used correctly. However, the Office of Rail Regulation has announced plans to guidance for level crossing design in response to those who claim the warnings are not enough.

Network Rail report that over 2,000 people are seen every year misusing the crossing, including ducking under the barriers and driving past warning lights. Last year 15 people died on the crossings, and I'm sure many more came very close like the young mum with her pram.

Whilst some of the crossings are bordering on dangerous, in particular those with flimsy gates or simply no gates at all, to an extent I do think it is down to the common sense of the pedestrians and motorists themselves.

It's really important to teach your children about the dangers of level crossings as children are the main victims if these sorts of accidents due to their fascination with trains.

What do you think about level crossings? Do you think they're safe enough?