27/10/2009 07:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Where To Find Eco Nappies On The High Street

As more retailers start to associate themselves with eco-friendly practices there is still a surprising lack of green initiatives seeping into the largest of high street chains. The baby market might seem like one of the first places to start, and to some extent it is. Organic baby clothes are becoming a serious trend and often act as a catalyst to turn the most non-believing of mothers to eco enthusiasts. After all, making sure your baby has the most natural and harm-free fabrics around them is an all-important concern.

When it comes to nappies and wipes, most high street stores are rather quiet. There are plenty of brands available to buy online, but it's more difficult if you want to pop eco nappies in your shopping trolley on the weekly grocery shop or trip up town.

The high street stores in the list below are currently leading the way in stocking eco nappies and related products:
Sainsbury's Eco Nappy
Price: Approx £5 for 30
Why so eco: They are biodegradable and use less material.
Also available to buy online

Asda Go Eco Baby Little Angels Eco Nappies
Price: £5.68 for 30
Why so eco: Little Angels Go Eco nappies maximise the use of sustainable and degradable materials. Using unique plant derived materials including pulp from sustainable forests which is totally chlorine-free.
Also available to buy online

Try: Kushies 5 Pack Infant Ultra

Price: £42.99 for five
Why so eco: These are all-in-one washable nappies, made with five layers of cotton flannelette and two hidden layers of Polyester, Rayon soaker pads. The waterproof fabric is designed to withstand multiple washing.
Also available to buy online


Try: Nature Baby Care Eco Nappy Bags 50 pack
Price: £1.65
Why so eco: They are made from natural corn starch film and are biodegradable and compostable.
Also available to buy online:

Pop-in Nappy
Price: £15 for the Pop-in Bamboo Trial Pack
Why so eco: It is a unique hybrid nappy system; a cross between an all-in-one nappy and a two-part system. The inner soaker poppers inside the outer shell so that it comes apart for easy washing and drying and cleverly goes back together again ready to simply fasten around your baby. No waterproof wrap needed. Also try the Nature Babycare range from Waitrose.
Also available to buy online

Try: Bamboozle Trial pack of nappies by Tots Bots
Price: £15.99
Why so eco: Bamboo is a highly sustainable resource which grows quickly without the need for chemical pesticides and fertilisers. It is also naturally anti-bacterial.
Also available to buy online

By Mandy Barder