29/10/2009 04:45 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Birth To Be Broadcast Live On Social Networking Site

A first-time mum will have her entire pregnancy, including the birth, recorded by the social networking site

The couple, Lynsee and Anders, will share the whole process of being pregnant with the site. The child is due in November and they have granted MomsLikeMe permission to broadcast it.

23-year-old Lynsee joined the online community shortly after discovering she was pregnant, in order to seek advice and tips from other mothers.

Lynsee and Anders then made the decision to document her pregnancy through a group they created, as a memento for their baby.

The group, "Watch Lynsee Grow!", details the day to day activities, hospital appointments and symptoms which Lynsee experiences. It now has a staggering 860 members.

The couple also decided to broadcast the birth of their child to share this experience with all the other first-time parents.

A poll of MomsLikeMe members revealed some interesting thoughts on the couple's decision to broadcast the birth. 60% of the members felt that the birth was something they only wish to share with their significant other. However, the same percentage said they would be interested in tuning in to watch this birth next month.

The site allows members to interact with each other and offer advice on various stages of the pregnancy, much like our articles following the progress of new mums-to-be Katie and Sarah do.

I've heard quite a few mums recently saying they wished they'd recorded more of their feelings during pregnancy and taken more photos, so I think the concept of this is a good one. I'm not sure I'd like to be filmed giving birth, but I'm sure Lynsee's video will be beneficial to other mothers to be.

Will you be tuning in to watch the birth? What do you think about the documentation of the pregnancy and birth?