02/11/2009 04:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Memory-Loss Mum Keeps A Diary To Remember Her Baby

If you thought it was hard looking after a newborn baby, how difficult do you think it must be when you can't remember anything?

A mother who has short-term memory loss has even forgotten giving birth to her month-old son.

Karen Wilkinson-Wigham, 37, is keeping a "mummy diary" to help her remember her baby.

She has to set an alarm to remind her to feed and change her son George.

Karen had tubercular meningitis back in 2005 and fell into a coma.

She made an amazing recovery but couldn't recognise her husband Brian when she came out of the coma.

Karen needed months of physiotherapy to walk again and still cannot remember anything for more than a few days, but somehow they managed to rebuild their relationship.

Karen, from Colne, Lancs, told the Sun: "I can't remember George being born - I can't even remember when I last fed him.

"So I'm making the memories of him by writing everything down in a notebook which never leaves my side."

She takes photos of him on her phone every time he pulls a face to create "memories" for herself.

She told the Sun: "I write down when he had his last feed and set my mobile with an alarm to tell me when his next one is due.

"And while I can't recall milestones like other mums, I re-live them with him by re-reading my diary."

Brian gives her plenty of help but Karen says it's unlikely she will remember George growing up.

"My diary is so important to me because when he is older and asks me questions he will have everything written down for him," she told the Sun.

"After so many nightmares, I still can't believe Brian and I have a healthy baby. The diary will help me remember."

This woman's devotion and dedication is an inspiration to us all.

Source: The Sun