03/11/2009 08:51 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Five-Year-Old Gymnastic Prodigy Becomes Worldwide Star

A five-year-old little boy has already found fame after breaking the world record for walking on his hands - with a weight ball between his legs.

Giuliano Stroe has now become a YouTube sensation with millions watching videos showing him doing back flips off a kitchen table.

He also boasts washboard abs and apparently trains five days a week, for three hours at a time.

This seems a bit excessive for a five-year-old. Watch the video and let us know what you think...

There has been some criticism of his parents on YouTube, with some people calling the video "disturbing" and "sad" while others see nothing wrong.

His dad, Iulian Stroe, told ParentDishUS there is nothing excessive about his son's routine and people have misjudged them.

He wrote in an email: "It's not wrong what we do, because I did the same things [when] I was a little boy and I am healthy and strong."

He said critics were "lazy people" who don't know anything about his family.

Giuliano was born in Romania but now lives in Italy with his family. His three-year-old brother Claudio also joins in with the workouts.

Their father says the boys' mother is "very proud" of them.

Other tiny tots with sporting ambitions include Keith O'Dell Jr, a two-year-old pool whizz who plays for two to three hours a day. Then there's seven-year-old Wayne "Bam Bam" "Pretty Boy" Lawrence, the world's youngest boxer.

So, is this a reasonable thing for a five-year-old to be doing? You could say that as long as the boy is enjoying himself, where's the harm? But can it be good for him to put so much strain on his young body? What do you think?

Source: ParentDishUS