5 Fundraising Ideas For Children In Need


With Children in Need kicking off tomorrow, it's not too late to do some fundraising. There are plenty of great ways to raise money that don't require a huge amount of time or organisation.

This year, the theme is Do Something Different, and they've suggested a few things. Why not turn up to school or work in your best pyjamas? Or perhaps you'd rather grab a bucket and sponge and do a sponsored car clean.

We've got a few ideas of our own to get you going, but we'd love to hear what your ideas are!

1) Sponsored Walk

The easiest one, all you have to do is get a group of friends together for a sponsored walk. It doesn't need to be a long one, between 2-5 miles is fine, and it's a fun activity to do with the kids.

2) Car boot sale

Why not follow Joanne's lead, and have a big clear out of your house? You can then sell everything at a car boot sale and donate the proceeds to Children In Need.

3) Baby photo day

Always good for a giggle is taking in a photo of you as a baby into work, and everyone has to guess which baby is who. Everyone puts in a pound to guess, and the winner wins a tasty Pudsey treat!

4) Sponsored Silence

A great one to do at short notice, you can get people to sponsor you to keep quiet all day. Even better, get the kids to do it.

5) Hold a karaoke evening

Organise a karaoke evening with family and friends. There are plenty of systems you can use, we particularly like the Lucky Voice Home Party Box.

Feel free to add your suggestions below!

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