18/11/2009 20:42 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Children In Need, How Can You Help?

As you may already know, this Friday is Children in Need. The charity event brings together the nation in raising money for disadvantaged children and young people.

Last year, the charity raised £38 million through fundraising and donations, and they're hoping to beat that total again this year.

The charity, fronted by Pudsey the bear and a gaggle of celebrities, hosts a BBC extravaganza every year. The evening provides entertainment from a host of singers, actors and entertainers to encourage us to part with a couple of pounds to help the children.
There are various ways you can get involved. Later on today we'll tell you how you can help with fundraising, but there are some great ways to raise awareness and donate too.

You can download a cute Pudsey bandana for the kids from the site for £1. Auctions are taking place across the UK so there are plenty of opportunities to buy something whilst giving something back.

Donation options are vast, using everything from Paypal and credit cards to the red button on your remote. You can find out more about all the options here.

Although we're in a recession, I'm sure everyone can still spare a little money or time to help out those less fortunate than us.

Will you be watching on Friday night? Are you taking part in any fundraising?