04/12/2009 17:24 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Education Makeover Is Vital

Independent education foundation Edge is campaigning to revolutionise the UK's education system so that it better meet the needs of all young people. The release of a new documentary following the real-life experiences of five Swindon-based teenagers is sparking just the sort of debate that Edge welcomes.

Inspired by Oscar-winning producer Lord Puttnam, 'We Are The People We've Been Waiting For' highlights that while the world is changing rapidly, the UK education system isn't keeping pace.
Unearthing some tough facts about education in the UK, it questions whether the current system is enabling Britain to compete effectively in a fast-changing era of globalisation.

'We Are The People We've Been Waiting For'
The documentary features the personal views and experiences of well-known figures including Sir Richard Branson, Germaine Greer, Henry Winkler, Bill Bryson, and Sir Ken Robinson - their impassioned thoughts on education, its impact on the nation and what needs to change provides provocative food-for-thought. In the words of popular author Bill Bryson; "education is the most fundamental challenge facing human's the key to solving all the other problems that we've got."

Watch the film trailer by clicking through to the 'We Are The People We've Been Waiting For' website.

Time for change
Andy Powell, CEO at Edge believes that there are many paths to success and that the UK's education system needs to be transformed to enable all young people to identify their talents. He hopes 'We Are The People We've Been Waiting For' will spark discussion and encourage teachers, parents young people and politicians to add their views on what needs to change in education to Edge's call for a revolution:

"At a time when the future of our youth and the economy is a priority issue, this film triggers debate on what needs to change. Too many of our young people are being allowed to slip through the cracks simply because their potential is not being fulfilled through traditional academic teaching. Young people need an education rich with opportunities for practical and vocational learning as well as academic study. Many education institutions are already providing young people with options to explore what they are good at. However this is not widespread and we need to create a mass movement, which calls for all young people to be provided with a broad range of opportunities to develop their talents."

Get involved in the revolution and have your say on what needs to change in education.