07/12/2009 17:20 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Birthing Centre Searches For Its First Baby

A birthing centre at the Buckland Hospital in Dover is searching for the first baby ever to be born there.

The hunt is taking place in celebration of its 10th birthday, and many mothers and children are likely to visit the unit to mark the occasion.

In order to find the child, the midwives at the unit considered scouring through the records, but realised it would take a fair amount of time after ten years.

Sue Eaves, who currently manages the midwife-led centre said, "In the old days we used to have big registers, but we do not use those now and they've actually been archived somewhere else."

The hope is that a nationwide campaign through the press will lead to the parents coming forward in time for the birthday on Saturday.

Source: BBC.