15/12/2009 09:57 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Gadgets For Making Bath Time Fun And Safe

Babies tend to either love or hate bath time. Some love splashing about and playing with their toys, whilst others resent getting wet. It can also be a little unnerving when your baby gets to an age where they want to sit up, but don't have quite the balancing skills to stay up without slipping and hurting themselves.

One answer to ensuring their safety is to have a bath with your baby, which can be a lovely bonding experience and a lot easier than hanging over the side of the bath! However, sometimes this isn't practical and you need a helping hand to make sure your baby is safe and happy in the bath.

The Swivel Bath Seat from Toys R Us (£9.99), right, allows your baby to sit up whilst being supported, so your hands are free to wash them without any worry. It also comes with some toys on the front if they like to play in the bath.

Here are a few more bath-time accessories.

This Non-slip Colour Change Bath Mat from Toys R Us (£12.99) will stop your baby from slipping over in the bath. It might not be sophisticated, but it's safe.

It also comes with a colour-changing section, which will alert you when the water is too hot for your baby.

This Philips thermometer can be used in the bath and in your room, ensuring your baby is at the safest temperature all the time. It's also waterproof so your baby can play with it in the bath.

You can grab it from Amazon for £16.53.

And finally, this Tap Head Cover from Amazon acts as a cushion around the taps, so your little one won't knock themselves out or burn their fingers on the hot tap. You can pick it up for £6.99.