16/12/2009 03:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dinnertime! Cute Cutlery For Kids

The joy of shopping online means you can find some pretty weird and wonderful products from the comfort of your sofa, most of which you didn't realise you needed until now.

Whilst I was browsing for present ideas this weekend, I stumbled across this Soldier Egg Cup (£9.95) on Adorable, no? You can get a version with actual soldier cutters too. I know it's probably meant for little boys, but I want it to liven up my Sunday morning breakfast.

Novelty cutlery may seem daft at times, but it can make mealtimes a lot more fun for kids. Remember when you were little, and your parents pretended your spoon was an airplane in order to get you to eat your greens? The clever people at have invented an actual airplane spoon. Check it out after the turn...

You can buy these Baby Plan Spoons for £7.99.

Lazy Bone UK offer this Air Fork One dining option (£5.49) for when your child starts to spear their vegetables.

This Souper Spoon from Shiny Shack (£8.99) will make the move to solids a lot smoother.