17/12/2009 11:01 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Real Life Story: "How I Coped With My Scary Scan Results"

Claudia Turbet-Delof received worrying news after her first pregnancy scan. Here's her story...

When did you discover you were pregnant?

A fortnight after first trying! We were delighted. Also for our son Jose Andres, he is eight years old. He had been asking for a baby brother or sister for a very long time.

When you were pregnant you went for the usual scans at hospital, is that right?
I did. It all became a nightmare after the Nuchal scan results came back abnormal.

When I went to have the scan I only knew little about the test from a maternity magazine I had recently read.

The lady did the test and she asked me if I knew what the test was for. She made a face, and told me the results were abnormal. I was shaking with fear and anxiety.

Someone took me to a room and bluntly explained the results. At the time I didn't make any sense of any numbers or statistics as I was in plain shock.

According to the scan, my chances of having a Down's Syndrome baby were very high and if the baby didn't have Down's Syndrome, it was very likely that he could be born with other abnormalities or die within his first year of life.

To properly confirm these results I would have to take an amniocentesis to then decide whether to stop the pregnancy immediately or not, but there was a small risk of miscarriage. I was told I could stop the pregnancy in two days time if I wanted to and that I would be out of the hospital in just a few hours.

What did you decide to do?
At home with my husband we calmly looked at the numbers. We decided that we didn't mind if the baby had Down's Syndrome. We would have loved our baby no matter what, and I'm grateful that my husband Cedric shared the same view with me.

We did, however, say that we would have to do some serious thinking if the next scan showed the baby had more serious abnormalities that meant he could not have had a happy life.

We only told a handful of friends. I did feel anxious and upset at times, but I had faith all was going to be OK.

The further tests came back OK apart from the fact that the head looked slightly bigger, but all healthy. We didn't worry much as big heads runs in my husband's family!!

And then the baby was born - how was he?

Milo was born by caesarean after 27 hours of labour. I asked the surgeon if he was 'normal' and he said all was OK.

I spoke to the paediatrician when she came to visit Milo for the first time and explained what had happened with those tests. She instantly assured me he had no signs of abnormalities and was a healthy boy.

He's fantastic, he has definitely got his own personality! Quite strong minded and a very good dancer!

My eldest son has been superb and deserves lots of praise for welcoming Milo and for teaching him all he knows.

We are very lucky indeed.