18/12/2009 09:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mummy Bloggers' Friday Roundup

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why – Mummy Bloggers are coming to town.

With just a week to go till Christmas Day, life is not so much busy as manic. I really think that if you start trying to get it all sorted too early, the work just expands to fill the time available. So more time = more to do. At least that's my story, and the fact that I have bought naff all for Christmas dinner has got nowt to do with it. And the car just conked out, which has added an unexpected element to the process. Wish me luck.

A blogger after my own heart is Sally from Who's the Mummy?, who's just getting cracking on the Christmas shopping about now. That's the spirit.

Meanwhile, Jude at Artful Adventures has been getting creative with glue, glitter and pinecones, AKA the holy trinity of mess. Set the vacuum cleaner to maximum, it's glitter season.

But fear not, The Coffee Lady has been on the blower to Father Christmas, and apparently it's all going GREAT this year. Thank goodness for that.

Here on ParentDish, commenters were incensed this week by the Scrooge-like attitude of the school who banned two children from a Christmas party. Their crime? Missing a few days of school – due to the death of their dad. Humbug indeed.

And a few weeks ago, we previewed the Mummy Bloggers' Panto Roundup – the reviews have now started to come in, so if you're thinking of going to see a Christmas show, you can find out what the parent bloggers thought of it at Have a Lovely Time.

And finally, as it'll be Christmas Day this time next week I'd like to feature a selection of the best Christmas-related blog posts by parents. So if you've got a post you want to nominate (one of your own or someone else's) leave a comment below or send it in to this address.