22/12/2009 04:01 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Tila Tequila Gives Her Brother An Unusual Christmas Present: A Baby!

US Reality TV star Tila Tequila chose to announce on Twitter this weekend that she's currently pregnant with her brother and his wife's baby, after agreeing to be a surrogate.

Tila tweeted the following:

"I love my brother... Can you guess what I am going to give him for Christmas? This will change his life and mine forever! It's huge, guess!"

"Big announcement. I am going to become a surrogate mother for my brother and his wife! That is my Christmas present to them. I'm pregnant!"

That's one way of letting the relatives know! Tila is no stranger to big announcements though.

Over here in the UK, Tila Tequila is not a particularly well known name. However, over in the USA, Tila is a well known reality TV contestant, who starred in A Shot At Love.
Tila regularly makes unusual announcements on her Twitter page regarding her personal life, and also recently announced her engagement to Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson through a video blog, after only knowing her for a very short time.

Casey herself has a lot of big changes coming up. She became the adoptive mother of baby Ava two years ago, but her mother took over custody of the child after concerns were raised about her safety. She's now planning to fight for custody again. She's also facing charges of theft from her ex-best friend.