05/01/2010 09:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

New Year's Resolutions For A New Dad

The idea of resolutions usually brings me out in hives. They are, after all, about making yourself a better person or going without things, and that doesn't seem like much fun. January is a cold, dark, joyless month anyway, why make it even worse?

But this year is different and I really do have to change a few things. There's a baby, now five weeks old, and she's already demanding that I pull my socks up. Who knew that a newborn could be so bossy?

So here's my list of resolutions, which will hopefully keep that little baby voice of conscience at bay for a few months:

Don't get angry with reusable nappies. Yes, I've got angry with reusable nappies over the past week. And yes, I promise to look more kindly on them in future. Even if I seem to be totally useless at switching used nappy for clean, and ultimately ending up with pump-action poo on my trouser leg, these reusable nappies are saving the planet for my baby. I must remember that at all times...Keep Mum relaxed and well fed at all times. I'm pretty well trained at this already, but from recent experience I know that diet is important. As the main chef chéz Milway, I've already witnessed the devastation that too rich a diet and too many Brussels Sprouts can have on the quality of breast milk. The baby seemed to suffer as many ill effects as the rest of us, so a good, balanced diet is key and duly noted.

Sort out that wonky front pram wheel. I can't hold it off any longer. Yes, I must don my boiler suit and fix the stupid wheel that locks any time you want to go into reverse. That's it, I'm going to go on a pram maintenance course... I wonder what I could charge for call-out rates?

Learn to make baby clothes. I've always liked sewing and making things, but I'm determined to learn how to make decent baby clothes. I hate Winnie the Pooh, especially the Disney version, and it's next to impossible to find baby girl outfits that aren't pink, covered with Pooh or slightly inappropriate. So I will learn to make my own!

Enjoy baby time.
This is probably the most important resolution of all. I love cuddling my baby, and just sitting there staring at this beautiful new creature, but I still feel I need to be constantly on the go. So, I'm going to force myself to remember to really cherish the quiet moments I have with my baby before she's older and thinks I'm an embarrassing dad. She's lovely, and everyday I'm going to make sure I remember that.