06/01/2010 09:28 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Presenter Kirsty Young Attacks Pushy Parents

TV and radio presenter Kirsty Young has criticised parents who push their children to become 'baby Einsteins'.

Kirsty, who is currently presenter of Desert Island Discs, stated in an interview with Radio Times that the trend for parents to use their own children as an extension of their own life goals and success is a 'modern disease'. She also suggested that having children enabled people to join a special club of sorts, where others can boast of how much their life revolves around their kids.

The presenter is married to Nick Jones, founder of private members' club Soho House, and has two daughters. She recently visited one nursery where children were being taught 'improving exercises' at the age of three.

Kirsty spoke of her conviction that anyone who gives up work for parenting should do so with justified reasons.
When talking about nursery, Kirsty was quoted as saying: 'If my child's not coming home covered in snot and poster paint, it's been a bad day at nursery. The idea that they're going to come home and show me their jotters just makes me want to puke"

What do you think about pushy parents? Do you agree with Kirsty's comments?

Source: AOL