07/01/2010 04:25 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby Born In A Blizzard On The Motorway

A mum from Merseyside gave birth to a baby girl while she was stuck in a blizzard on a motorway.

Maria and Kevin Hollis were on the M53 on their way to the Arrowe Park hospital in the Wirral when the traffic ground to a halt.

Snow and ice meant their car was stranded and Kevin had no option but to deliver the baby himself.

He spent 50 minutes on the phone to an ambulance operator who gave him guidance.

Kevin, a fireman, told the Liverpool Echo: "We were stuck fast in the car and Maria was saying how she felt like she needed to push.

"I pulled over on the roundabout. My wife got out in a lot of pain. I put Maria in the back, lay her down flat and propped her head up.

"Everybody was sat in their cars wondering what was going on as she started pushing and the birth started."

Just as Maria was about to give birth, an ambulance went past, carrying an asthma sufferer to hospital.

Kevin managed to flag the ambulance down and the baby, who has been named Maggie, was born in the back with help from the paramedics.

Kevin told the Echo: "They said 'The head's coming out.' And I was looking back through the partition window as the man with asthma had a full view of the birth.

"Maggie was a bit cold when she was born because of the weather. But both mum and baby are now doing fine."

Maria told the Echo: "I'm just getting over the shock. All I could think was 'Hurry up. Someone help'.

"A man stopped to help us and was lovely. Kevin did really well. I doen't think I could have done it."

Kevin said the whole incident had been bizarre. "Looking back it doesn't seem real," he told the Echo. "I was on automatic pilot.

"I made sure I had a stiff brandy when I got back home."

With so much snow and ice around at the moment there must be lots of pregnant women around the country hoping they don't get stuck in a similar situation...

Source: Liverpool Echo