08/01/2010 12:09 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Are Micropets-I The Top Toys For 2010?

With the current popularity of the Go Go Hamsters, kids seem to be going mad for mini robot-style pets. So it's no surprise to see Tomy launch a new selection of toys called Micropets-i, the second generation of Micropets.

The first generation flew out of the shops, and the new range has infra-red technology that allows the 'pets' to sense whether something is in front of them.

Tomy sent over one of the toys for me to try out at home, and they're definitely cute. The toys have four main functions: Chase, Stroll, Song and Duet.Each of the functions has a specific command. So to make it stroll along, you knock twice on the surface they're seated on. To make it sing a song, you knock several times.

The only problem I had with the toy was its manoeuvrability. A lot of the surfaces I tested it on proved to have too much resistance, and the Micropets-i struggled to move. The legs that are supposed to move the toy along seem to be too small.

Once I found the right surface though, the Micropet-i happily scooted around, either following the provided ball or avoiding any obstacles in 'Stroll' mode. Apparently, it will also interact with others if you get more than one together.

If you didn't mind the constant bleeping noises of the Tamagotchi a few years back, then you probably have the patience to deal with these. You can buy them from Tomy for £9.99.