08/01/2010 12:23 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Of Nine Claims She Was Sterilised Without Her Consent

A mother of nine says doctors sterilised her after she asked for a birth control device to be implanted.

Tessa Savicki, from Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, claims doctors performed a tubal ligation on her - without consent.

She has nine kids, ranging in age from three to 21, and says she asked for an intrauterine device to be implanted after the birth of her last child.

The mother, who is 35, says she wanted something that would be removable in case she wanted any more children.

Instead, according to court papers, doctors gave her a permanent sterilisation.

Now, obviously, she's suing Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, as well as three doctors and two nurses.

Savicki told the Boston Herald: "There was no medical reason for them to do this.

"That's my choice. This is my body. I wanted the IUD, so later if I felt I wanted more children, I could have more."

However the hospital concerned has declined to comment on the case. Spokeswoman Jane Albert told the Herald: "There's pending litigation. We can't comment, and that holds true for the doctors."

But Savicki's lawyer, Max Borten, told the newspaper that there were "violations at many, many levels".

Savicki claims she never gave written consent for the permanent sterilisation.

In court documents she says she suffered "substantial pain and emotional distress and incurred severe and permanent physical injuries".

Apparently Savicki's nine children have several fathers and she is unemployed, while her mother has custody of three of her children.

Savicki told the Herald she realises she may not be the most sympathetic of figures but this should not matter.

"I would never have the right to tell anyone else 'because you have this many kids that's enough,'" she told the newspaper.

"That's no one's right to say that. It's my choice. No one has the right to say you've had enough. I take care of my kids. I love my kids. I was not ready to make that kind of decision."

Source: ParentDishUS