15/01/2010 06:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dad Ordered To Demolish His Kids' Snow Castle

A Canadian father who built a giant snow castle for his children has been ordered to take it down by his landlord.

John White, from Barrhaven, Ottawa, spent five days building the fort for his two kids, Clara, three, and Charlie, two.

The spectacular structure was almost 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Puts our feeble efforts at snowmen in the shade, doesn't it?

But a few days after it was completed, White got a notice from the Condominium Management Group, which owns the property.

They apparently asked him to take the fort down as he had not asked for permission to build it there.

White originally said he was prepared to go to court to keep the castle but later backed down and agreed to destroy it.

Take a look at the fort here.

White told the Ottawa Citizen: "Half of me is upset, the other half is just laughing at it because it's so ridiculous. Like give me a break, guys, you're telling me to tear down my kids' snow fort?"

He told CMG that the fort would come down in April - when it melted.

But after more conversations with CMG about insurance issues, he agreed to take the structure down.

White told the Citizen: "[They] explained that they answer to insurance companies, and he gave a few examples of similar situations in the past whereby people were hurt, and this is what they are afraid of.

"I understand now where they are coming from, and have no problem taking down the fort."

He and his kids had to spend 10 hours demolishing the castle, which had attracted visitors from around the neighbourhood.

It seems a shame that "health and safety" and the fear of being sued meant this family was not allowed to keep their winter wonderland.

Source: ParentDishUS