28/01/2010 06:50 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Parents 'Don't Realise' Their Children Are Obese Or Overweight

A new study has found 75 of fathers think their overweight child is normal size.

Half the mothers, and 39 of the adult population is obese. In the USA the figure is 30.

Parents of overweight and obese children did not think their children were less active than others and 94 per cent felt they could influence their child's food choices and eating habits.

Professor Sauer concluded that, "Our findings point to the need for health education programmes that encourage parents to recognise what is a normal healthy weight for their children and work with health professionals to tackle any weight problems."

Do you think this study highlights a real concern that misconceptions of what is a healthy size may be hampering the battle against obesity?

Do parents with overweight children need to wake up and accept that their kids are fat?