01/02/2010 14:49 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

New Networking Site Launched For Teenage Parents

It's easy to see how a teenage mum can feel isolated. Your friends are probably wound up with a combination of school exams and their social lives. They may not want to know when the baby's woken you up three times a night, and you're struggling with combining school work and baby care.

Recently The Times newspaper published an inspirational story of a teenage mum who achieved her goal of studying for a degree. But stories like this are rare, and if you were to believe certain sections of the press, teen mums are to blame for most of society's woes.

And there's more bad news with studies claiming that mums under 20 are over four times more likely to have a baby die as a cot death than older mothers.

In response to this, the cot death charity, The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID), has just launched the UK's first social networking site specifically for teenage parents.

The new site, called bubbalicious - the place for young parents, offers support and parenting tips for both mums and young dads. Users can chat, win prizes, upload photos and take part in a four-level baby-care challenge. If successful, they are awarded the title of Top Dad or Big Sister which allows them to give advice to other parents on the site. Who better to get advice from than someone who's been where you are now?

FSID's director, Joyce Epstein, said: "Sadly, the latest research shows that teenage mums have the highest rate of cot death, but we think that many are missing out on safe sleep advice. We developed bubbalicious after consulting with young parents across the country, and we really hope that the support available on the site will help improve the life chances of the UK's most vulnerable babies."