08/02/2010 08:03 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Nature Fun For Half-Term

It's nearly half-term! Just one more week then we can flop around the house in our pyjamas... No! No! No! If you're anything like me and looking forward to seven days of being a bit lazy let's just stop right there.

The season is on the cusp of turning so let's get out there and shake things up a bit. I'm starting to feel it's not just my house that needs a jolly old spring clean but my energy levels too.

I love half-term; it's just long enough for a break but not too long to induce panic and bankruptcy. Anyway, I'm on a mission to prove to my children that entertainment doesn't have to involve money or a screen so here's an activity I've got planned.It's an oldie but a goodie. Next week I'm going to take them out for a scavenger hunt. For the older children I'm going to get them to memorise a list of natural things I want them to find and will let them race ahead alone to search for their treasure.

For the youngest I shall draw what I'd like him to find. This shall obviously be a much shorter list, his pace and distraction levels set at 'slow' and 'easily'. He will also have the added task of deciphering my doodles.

As a beginner reader I thought the five-year-old would appreciate her list in words, with another masterpiece drawn by me beside it. Each child shall be given a clear sandwich bag to put their findings in.

The younger children's list will include a feather, a snail's shell, an interesting twig or stick and two different leaves. The older ones will have to be a bit more observant and also find a piece of chalk, something birds would eat and something useful from an animal (here I'm hoping they will bring back some wool).

Everyone who completes their list will have a prize of a hot chocolate with squirty cream and marshmallows with home-made chocolate chip cooks at Mum's Cafe (and everyone will be a winner, I'm sure).

Once home the younger ones will probably want to turn their treasure into a picture but I expect the older ones will leave their finds in the woods and by the fields. We've got to leave something for next time.

And if it rains? Well, we'll just still do it. With the added bonus of a puddle jumping competition on the way home. I think I already know who's going to make the biggest splash.