09/02/2010 04:24 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

One In 16 Parents Admit To Snooping On Their Children Online

Do you know what your kids are up to? A recent survey suggests that some parents are now turning to the Internet to discover more information on their children.

The survey, carried out by Internet security firm Trend Micro, looks at the surfing habits of parents when it comes to monitoring their children. Whilst one in five parents (62 of parents dread the thought of their children finding pictures of them after a few drinks.

  • A scary 35 of parents don't know where to go to seek advice on what you should and shouldn't put online. However 64 of parents have given their e-mail address out online, 60 have posted photos online, and 37 of children giving out their address. Of course this could be down to more adults purchasing online.

    The confusion from parents regarding what's safe and unsafe to share is seen in kids too, with 48 under 16 worry about their parents discovering drunken photos of them (with children as young as 11 admitting to posting them on social media sites)
  • 42% of kids have private chats they want to avoid being viewed by their parents, and images of their girlfriend or boyfriend tend to stay private too.
  • Parents are understandably worried too about how children can go online. Many can now view the Internet on their phones or games consoles, giving parents less opportunity to monitor their activity.

    The survey results have been highlighted as part of today's Safer Internet Day.

    Do you know how much information you should or shouldn't share on the Internet? Do you ever use the Internet to check what your kids are up to?