14/02/2010 21:10 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Five Bikes For Active Kids

Learning to ride a bike can be an exciting new lesson for your little girl or boy, and a liberating (albeit nerve-racking) experience for a parent.

Kids have a fascination with any object with wheels, hence the popularity of push-toys and walkers. Once they get to a suitable age for riding a bike, you might want to consider your further options. It's worth having a look on sites like Freecycle to see if anyone locally is giving one away for free, or speaking to friends or family to see if they've got a smaller bike to practice on.

If you'd rather start out with a brand new bike, you've got plenty of options. The G-Bike Plus (Micro-Scooters, £139.95) on the right is a suitable option for any kids ages 2+, and is safe and stable thanks to its lightweight frame. The bike is designed to help your child understand the basics of learning to cycle, before they move onto a 'proper' bike.

Ready to upgrade to the next level? Try the options below.