15/03/2010 08:50 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Katie Holmes Scotches Rumours She's Pregnant

The internet has been buzzing with rumours that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were expecting a second child - but the actress now says it's not true.

The supercouple already have a daughter, Suri, who is three.

But the whole media world appears to be on tenterhooks waiting for the titchy Mission Impossible star to become a father once again.

This time pictures of Holmes supposedly visiting a doctor's office sparked the rumours she was up the duff.

But it seems she wasn't even going to see a doctor - just visiting an Italian restaurant in the same building as a doctor's office in Los Angeles. Apparently she was just there to have dinner with her agents.

Her agent told the wildly overexcited press: "Katie is not pregnant."

It must be rather amusing, or irritating, depending on your frame of mind, to have the media all over you every time you do anything that might vaguely suggest pregnancy.

Surely you'd be tempted to make sure you were pictured eating a pickle and strawberry jam sandwich. Just to really wind the photographers up.

It seems to be widely expected that Cruise and Holmes will have another baby in the near future, with reports last year that they had "reached a deal on expanding their family".

They had supposedly been arguing about whether to have another child, with Cruise wanting to get a move on before he gets too old, while Holmes wanted to concentrate on her work.

However, since she promoted her films The Extra Man and The Romantics at the Sundance Film Festival, Holmes has apparently been having some time off to play with Suri - and, presumably, tease photographers mercilessly.

Source: Daily Star