17/03/2010 17:36 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

'Magic Boots' Help Little Girl To Walk

Molly Fisher will be two years old next month, and like any other youngster she's tearing around all over the place.

But unlike most other toddlers, Molly can barely stand, let alone walk, without her specially made 'magic boots'.

When she contracted meningitis last year, Molly lost all her toes in her right foot and the tips of the toes on her left.

After surgery left her unable to balance or stand, Molly's family are amazed at the difference her special shoes have made.

Grandmother Winfred said, "Without them Molly struggles to take a few steps but when they're on she whizzes around everywhere. There's no stopping her."

The bespoke boots have a stiff sole which makes up for her missing big toe by helping her push off from a standing start.

They also have a special sole which mimics the action the foot makes as it rolls forward, enabling Molly to walk confidently.

Peter Honeycomb, from the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists described the difference innovations such as these bespoke shoes can make to a patient's life.

"Sometimes the smallest and simplest things can change people's whole lives, like getting them back to work or, like in the case of Molly, helping them to do what normal children do."

He added, "It really can make a life-changing difference, especially when there has been an amputation."

According to Molly's grandmother, the whole family is delighted with the results "The boots are amazing," she said. "We call them Molly's little magic shoes."