02/04/2010 17:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Doctor Who Is Back! 10 Tips For Scared Children

Like the rest of the nation, over at ParentDish UK, we're REALLY excited about the imminent return of Doctor Who to our screens (Saturday, 6.20pm).

This time, Steven Moffat is taking the reins as Doctor Who's series producer and head writer, and there's a brand new Doctor in the rather elongated shape of Matt Smith. And while Doctor Who may not win the prize for the MOST scary children's TV show, it certainly put the fear of god into me as a child.

So, here's ParentDish's top survival tips for children.

. Go for a wee before. It may sound stupid, but if you don't visit the lavatory while there are adults around to stand guard, you may have to venture out into the dark corridors on your own in the middle of a scary episode.

2. Get plenty of pillows ready. A pillow is the best weapon of defence for any Who fan. You'll be needing one for those times when you just know something is about to jump out of the dark.

3. Consider moving the sofa. Pillows are all well and good for those sudden frights, but if you're watching some prolonged scary scenes, you'll need to take more drastic measures. If you can't already hide behind your sofa, consider moving it out a little to provide some much needed shelter from the horrors on TV.

4. Ask for a recap. The best way to diffuse the fear is to not pay full attention to what's going on and then start asking your parents loads of questions about who everyone is. They love that.

5. Cause a distraction. If it's all getting too much, ask your parents to tell you about their childhood Doctor and the sound of them waxing lyrical will soon bore you out of your fear.

6. Go for a wee after. If you want to avoid the horrors mentioned in number for a second time, make sure your parents are there to accompany you to your final lavatory visit before bed.

7. Clear the corridors. When I was little, walking the corridors to get to the loo in the middle of the night terrified me. Not only did I have to walk past the laundry basket (which I was convinced was a Dalek), I also had to ignore the loud snores coming from my parents' bedroom (which I was convinced were monsters). Don't put yourself through the misery – have the hallway cleared.

8. Shut all doors. The last thing you want when you're lying in bed is crack in the wardrobe door. Who knows what might jump out once your parents have left the room (actually, Who does know, and it's not nice).

9. Avoid the shadows, don't look under the bed, don't look in the wardrobe...

10. ...and whatever you do, don't BLINK.

How do you deal with the fear? Share your top tips for surviving Doctor Who as a kid.