06/05/2010 08:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Jordan Gives Up Botox - Because She Wants A Baby

Glamour model Jordan, aka Katie Price, aka Katie Reid, has reportedly given up her beloved Botox injections after learning that they are not advisable for pregnant women.

There's dedication for you.

Jordan, who has changed her name to Katie Reid following her marriage to cage-fighter Alex Reid, is keen to have a baby with her new husband.

She has told the press she wants to be "Reidinated". Niiice.

Now The Sun reports that she went to a beauty clinic in Surrey on Friday to have Botox treatment but was advised they might not be safe for women who are pregnant.

Apparently Jordan, who is 32 this month, was "gutted". The sacrifices we make, eh?

A friend told The Sun: "Katie was gutted but she didn't want to take any chances. She was the one who asked whether it was safe to have the injections when pregnant.

"When the doctor said it wasn't advisable Katie said, 'No way'.

"Instead she had a massage and a normal facial for an hour and a half. She is desperate for a baby after coming off the pill at Christmas.

"She keeps saying she is worried she will have loads of wrinkles at her birthday party.

"But deep down all she wants is to get pregnant so vanity has to be put to one side."

Sounds like that's going to be tricky for the model who admits she loves the beauty treatment and used to fly out to Los Angeles for special sessions with the face-freezing injections.

What do you think? Should Jordan be congratulated for doing the right thing - or condemned for being so vain in the first place?

Source: The Sun