06/05/2010 19:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Back-Up Plan With Jennifer Lopez

I was recently invited to take part in a parenting panel at Sony Pictures for a brand new Jennifer Lopez film with DadsSpace and Zoe Margolis. The film aims to flip the old 'fall in love, get married, have kids' process on its head.

The film follows Lopez's character Zoe who has reached a point in her life where she wants to have a child. but had yet to meet 'The One'. Making an appointment with her local sperm bank, Zoe decides to go it alone.

Ten minutes later and, through a taxi mixup, she meets the rather gorgeous Stan, played by Alex O'Loughlin. Cue a multitude of confusions, comedy moments and a fairly disturbing labour scene.

Confessing her twin pregnancy to Stan, she's surprised that he agrees to stick around and support her. The pair work through issues covering oversized prams, an incredibly graphic labour (not Zoe's, I might add) and Zoe's inability to trust men.

The film was a fun watch, and the storyline was treated in a lightweight manner. No political or dark moments here. The themes dealt with (single motherhood, artificial insemination, the realities of pregnancy and labour) were perhaps dealt with in a fairly glossy manner, but enjoyable all the same.
There were a couple of areas I was a little bit disappointed in. A large portion of Zoe's pregnancy was skipped, and she somehow managed to go into labour and have her babies within half an hour (make up and dignity intact). If only all pregnancies were like that. I was also saddened to see that the members of the Single Mothers Support Group came across as a little, well, odd, leaving us with the impression that those who undertake motherhood alone are either desperate or a little strange. Which is a grossly unfair stereotype. I wish it had conveyed a stronger message that there isn't one perfect way of bringing up children.

Overall, it's a chirpy little romantic comedy, but I doubt it's going to do much towards improving the image of single mothers (or fathers). All the same, it's good to see this subject covered with a pinch of humour.

Have you seen The Back-up Plan? What do you think about having a back-up plan?

Thanks to Way to Blue and Sony Pictures for inviting me.