13/05/2010 18:40 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Twitter Follow Friday On ParentDish UK

Here are our favourite parenting Tweets of the week from some of the parents we follow on Twitter. Follow ParentDish UK on Twitter to join the discussion!


@CamillaChafer It took me a while to realise what Gabe meant when he said all worried, 'my soup is stuck! My soup is stuck!' He meant his zip.


@Parenting_Audio Fact: McDonald''s is the world''s largest distributor of toys!


@GinaandtheBean Todays lesson – noisy roadworks outside the house are useful for stopping the neighbours thinking you are torturing your (teething) baby


@Tertia I have just eaten something that is most definitely NOT on the Weight Watchers Approved Things to Eat. Was bloody delicious tho.


@PerfHappyMum I am being such a bad mum today... I have so much to catchup on, the boys are left with Nanny TV... I promise to do better tomorrow!