14/05/2010 04:21 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dad Insists His Baby Is Born A Scot

A father-to-be made his heavily pregnant wife drive 500 miles to make sure she gave birth in Scotland, it has been reported.

The Sun says that Danny McDermid, 43, had got his English wife Leanne to promise that their first child could be a Scot.

Apparently the charming man made it a condition of their marriage - and then when Leanne was 37 weeks pregnant, he made her drive up north all the way from their home in Aldershot.

She drove through snowstorms and then had to wait around in Arbroath for three weeks before their daughter Chloe was born.

Leanne, 30, told the Sun: "Danny is a very patriotic Scotsman.

"When he proposed he asked me if we could have our first child in Scotland. I agreed because I wanted to get married.

"But almost three years later he held me to it - and I found myself driving in snowstorms to get to Scotland.

"It was worth it though as it was a fantastic experience. The midwives treated me like a friend."

She seems like a very tolerant woman...

Especially as it then emerges that Danny had to work in the last few weeks of Leanne's pregnancy - so he left her to drive up with her mum Heather.

Leanne told the Sun: "It was a bit of a nightmare. I didn't fancy driving 500 miles in that weather, but the baby had to be born in Scotland so it had to be done.

"My mum and I tried to stay cheerful by singing the Proclaimers song I Would Walk 500 Miles."

I'm almost surprised he didn't ask her to walk...

Leanne and her mum stayed with Danny's sister in Arbroath and the expectant father then travelled up to meet them a week later.

Their daughter Chloe was born weighing 7lbs 2oz in Arbroath Infirmary on April 22.

You'll be glad to know that Leanne made Danny buy her a first-class train ticket to take her back south three days later, and he drove the car.

But the devoted wife has now pledged to do the same again for their second child.

What do you think? Is she bonkers? Would you do the same for your husband?

Source: The Sun