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ParentView: Yummy Dough

Children love play dough and mine are no exception. Actually, I'd say a lot of adults like squidging and shaping the soft stuff too.

Whenever we have some out and friends happen to be visiting none can seem to resist making 'cakes' and the like with their hands while they talk.

So we all jumped at the chance of trying some edible play dough. What, we thought, could be better?

I have to say the children were very keen, I was less so. I couldn't see the difference between that and letting them make things out of cookie dough scraps.

Colour, of course, was the great difference. We had bags of dry mix that came in red, blue, green and yellow colours which took on their true colours once they had been kneaded.

All we had to do was add 15ml of water exactly. Although the instructions were very precise we found that wasn't quite enough water. We also found that adding too much meant you were left with a sticky goo that was hard to get off your hands.The more kneading we did, the more the colour came out. They weren't quite as vivid as those on the box, which was a bit disappointing but I'm not sure if that wasn't down to our mixing method.

The children enjoyed making figures with their dough and enjoyed eating them afterwards even more. They tasted like sweet biscuits after we baked them in the oven.They weren't really my cup of tea, but then this product isn't aimed at me.

However, my three-year-old was a bit confused when I first told him he could eat the dough, which might be a downfall if you're using this and have been exhorting your child not to eat play dough.

It was a fun product but I'm not sure making biscuits and using the leftovers or doing the same with pastry (and colouring it yourself) doesn't do the same job and more cheaply.

It's also a one-off product, although we did store some left-over balls of dough in the fridge which lasted well until we were able to use them a couple of days later.

All in all, it was a fun product but one that you could replicate easily at home. Perhaps something to keep at the grandparents' house for those rainy day visits.

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ParentView rating: 3/5