03/06/2010 08:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Has Healthy Baby - After 20-Day Labour

A mother from Lancashire has told how she gave birth - after 20 days of labour. Ouch.

Amy Buck, aged 17, had her little boy Daniel almost five months early after having stomach pains and contractions for almost three weeks.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Daniel weighed just 1lb 3oz and doctors gave him a 15% chance of survival.

The tiny baby spent five months in intensive care but this week celebrated his first birthday and now weighs 17lb.

Amy's ordeal began when she went to Royal Lancaster Infirmary on May 4 last year suffering from stomach pains.

She carried on having labour pains until Daniel was finally born on May 24.

Amy told the Telegraph: "'Thinking back now I don't know how it was possible for me to be in labour for the best part of 20 days and Daniel to survive despite being born so small.

''Looking at him now, I realise he he's little miracle and a little fighter. So many times I thought I was going to lose him. He's supposed to be eight and a half months old now and he shouldn't even be doing what he's doing.

"He's a happy little baby. He said Mummy for the first time on Mother's Day. I was so excited. He's a big mummy's boy."

She said those 20 days were very difficult - as you can imagine...

"I had cramps and contractions all the time and they got worse and worse," she told the Telegraph.

"The pain was bearable at first but it was happening all the time. and I just stayed in bed. Some time I'd got out, thinking it wasn't so bad. I'd walk to the end of the road and the pain and leaking would get so bad I'd turn back around."

After 15 days she returned to hospital and was told she was in full labour and had also contracted an infection.

Doctors tried to stop the labour but then decided they would have to break her waters because the infection was putting the baby at risk.

''When Daniel was born he kicked and moved and even took three breaths before being rescusitated. I thought he wasn't going to survive but later he started getting better," Amy told the Telegraph.

Patrick O'Brien, an obstetrician at London's University College Hospital, told the Telegraph: "What probably happened is that her waters partially broke very early in the pregnancy and an infection got into the womb. This caused her considerable pain and would have made her cervix dilate – just as if she was in labour.

"At some point the infection would have triggered her to go into actual labour, although as she was already experiencing many of the symptoms it would be unclear when this was.'

"The average labour is about 12 hours long for someone having their first baby, and the longest I've heard of was 48 hours."

I've heard some horrific birth stories but this one has to be right up there...

Source: Daily Telegraph