21/06/2010 12:20 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

One In Five Pupils Takes Private Tuition To Boost Grades

A new report suggests that one in five children now takes private tuition in order to boost their grades for upcoming exams.

Children approaching their GCSEs are the most likely to take on extra tuition, encouraged by "competitive parents" who are happy to spend the extra money if it means they'll win a place at a top secondary school and sixth form.

Demand has risen for private tutors in recent years as places for secondary schools and university places have become more sought after.

The average hourly rate for a tutor is around £20, which could lead to parents paying up to £1,000 a year if the child attends lessons on a weekly basis.Views are mixed on whether private tuition is a good thing. Some education experts strongly support the use of extra help outside of school, whilst others say it is counter-productive because it makes children feel like failures.

London parents are the most likely to splurge on a tutor, with 33.

In terms of reasons why children look to a private tutor, half claimed it was for a particular exam. Two out of five took the lessons to general improve across the board, and 18 of pupils in the most deprived parts of the country get extra help.

The report was carried out for the Sutton Trust, which addresses educational disadvantage and promotes social mobility.

Source: Daily Mail