ParentView: Hopping Mad

It's been a while since I've graced a space hopper. Too long, probably. So I thought it was time to introduce my children to the delights of bouncing up and down on a large, coloured round thing, while grabbing onto the handles.

After all, every childhood should feature this simple but effective toy, right? And what could be better on a camping trip than to while away the hours racing each other on something called "Psycho".

Well, if you had three space hoppers to bounce on, that would be fabulous. And sunny weather. Oh, and lots of space too.I'm guessing we were lucky to have all three things to make our bouncing time so much fun, but goodness, the Hopping Mad toys did add a very joyous element to our camping trip.

They come in a box of three with a foot pump to blow them up. This, I have to say, is very weedy and if you were limited to just inflating your hoppers using this you might well give up and let them languish in the box.

But because we were camping we had on hand an electric pump that plugged into the car and meant we could inflate the hoppers quickly and easily. Which was just as well as the children couldn't wait to try them out.

The hoppers all sported a name and the kit came complete with a whistle, just to add to the fun. They are adult-sized, so our youngest child, a small four-year-old, struggled to use them but he was happy running alongside (not that we went that fast).

These were brilliant fun. They were used constantly, never went down and could take the weight of the adults in the family who, I'm sure, made a complete show of themselves on the campsite.

The hoppers were also used as foot rests and inspired a game of trying to knock the other people off their bouncy perch. All in all, well worth the money and a great addition to camping holidays.

Hopping Mad is available from BrightMinds priced £29.99.

ParentView rating: 5/5