01/07/2010 07:29 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Fox Attack Twins Show Their Scars

Just last month, nine-month-old twins Isabella and Lola Koupparis were the victims of a horrific fox attack. Now the twins and their parents have been photographed for a tell-all interview for BBC for their The Fox Attack Twins (on tonight, 7pm, BBC1).

Isabella, wearing the pink dress, and Lola wearing the green, seemed happy and full of laughter - despite the visible scars on their arms and faces.

The girls' parents Nick and Pauline, both 41, described how they dashed upstairs after hearing their cries over the baby monitor, and the horrifying scene that greeted them - their girls with wounds that looked like they'd been caused by 'a cheese grater'.

The babies had previously enjoyed a day in the park. They had been placed in separate cots two flights upstairs whilst the family watched TV.Pauline described the scene that greeted her when she raced to their room. 'Isabella was head down in her cot,' she said. 'I noticed some blood and I thought maybe she had a nose bleed so I put the night light on and .. . I saw the fox at the end of Lola's cot.

'And then I saw that Lola was covered in blood as well. And I literally just wailed, screamed, I don't know how to describe it. And then I heard Nick running up the stairs.'

But the fox still stood its ground. 'I sort of lunged at it and it didn't even move,' she said. 'I was just screaming and the girls were crying and Nick lunged a few times and the fox was sort of moving a foot at a time.'

The fox eventually fled after Nick threw something at it. The couple called 999, and four minutes later an ambulance arrived.

Lola's injuries included a torn eyelid and severe bleeding. The couple feared she might lose her sight. Isabella's arm was shredded in places. Consultant reconstructive surgeon Raj Ragoowansi, who saved her arm said it was the most severe animal bite he had seen in his career.

Both girls are now home, though on a course of rabies injections and permanently scarred. Isabella in particular will need further treatment into her teens.

Watch The Fox Attack Twins, on tonight, 7pm, BBC1.