15/07/2010 13:18 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Father Throws His Baby Daughter Into The Path Of A Moving Car

A father is currently being held by police after he allegedly threw his 18-month daughter into the path of a moving car. John Taylor apparently tossed little Jayla into traffic in Oakland, California.

The little girl escaped with cuts and burns after going under a Volkswagen Jetta. An off-duty policeman witnessed the man shake the toddler and then throw her into the traffic, before running off, punching and kicking stationary cars as he went.

A neighbour thankfully rescued the baby, and other drivers tried to stop him. Police eventually tasered and arrested him after a violent scuffle.

Taylor's ex-partner believes however that he was simply trying to protect the child when he was under attack.

Miss Bartholemew told NBC News: 'I'm hurting now because I know my baby's father is in jail facing charges and I don't feel that it is reasonable.

'Anybody who feels that they think that John had thrown the baby out, please get that out your mind - there is no reason to believe that. He is a great father to her.'

Source: Daily Mail