26/07/2010 18:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Achtung Baby Or A Good Role Model?

I have started running!

It may not seem like a newsworthy event to you fit Yummy Mummy types out there who manage to slip in a Taekwando lesson before your Bums & Tums but for me it is major.

I have always hated running and am not averse to using every excuse in the book in order to dodge it. My husband has tried to convince me on a number of occasions that I should "get into it". Whatever that means. I'd prefer to get into a good curry or indeed a good book.

Anyway, with my fortieth birthday looming I decided it was time to show willing and make some effort to quell the Southern migration of bodily parts that seems to be picking up speed at a frankly quite alarming rate.


Also," encouraged my husband, "it is good for Finje to see us doing some regular exercise, we should be positive role models."

That was the sucker punch and after ridding my trainers (which I think, worryingly may be the ones I had in school!) of some stuff that may or may not have been mildew and a lone sock which was able to walk unassisted to the washing machine, I decided, reluctantly to give it a go.

I managed 4 kilometers.

Quite proud.

Admittedly running is not an entirely accurate description of how I managed my 4 kilometers. More of a tortured gait with a very slight spring in the foot, but still.

After a couple of days recovering both from the shock of my achievement and the pain in my buttocks (a good thing methinks) it was time for another go. Finje watched with interest as I tied the rotting laces in my rotting trainers. The questions started. I had my spiel all worked out. Good to stay healthy, only one body, need to take care of it, healthy body healthy mind, etc.

Having explained the basics of what I was doing and why, she asked me if running was fun. Now I'm not one to shy away from lying to my child when the need arises and not wanting to undo the good work so far I made an attempt at diplomacy.

"Well, it's quite hard work and sometimes I really don't want to go but I always feel better after-wards."

Thought I'd done quite well with that until a pensive looking Finje hit me with,

"But your bum doesn't look like it wants to go with you."