28/07/2010 18:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Twitter Follow Friday On ParentDish UK

Here are our favourite parenting Tweets of the week from some of the parents we follow on Twitter. Follow ParentDish UK on Twitter to join the discussion!


@ktsteppers Does it mean I'm getting old if I'm still feeling a nite out (w/cocktails) 2 days later? ugh...not in college anymore :(


@MomMadeFoods My favorite question of the wknd from DS..."mommy, whats the difference btw a firefly and a lighening bug?" Anyone?


@Childcareisfun_ I take it all back! The midwife was lovely today (perhaps last time it was her evil twin!)


@CocktailDeeva I have a feeling that today is NOT going to be my best Mom day....


@icklebabe_com nom nom.... late buttered toast, lots of golden syrup, raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon... who says lunch has to be savory ;D