10/08/2010 16:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Diary Of A 5-Year-Old: Give Us A Kiss!

Sometimes, when mummy is going out somewhere special she draws on her face. She says it is to make her look pretty and younger but I think she looks pretty anyway. I don't know how old she is but she's definitely not as old as our next door neighbour. She has paint on her face all the time. She's really old, at least 50 or 57 and I don't think she can see very well because her lipstick doesn't look so good. I don't know what she looks like without paint on her face. Dad says he wouldn't like to know.

Mummy has a really big, soft brush and loads of paint pots which I'm not allowed to touch. Sometimes she wears lipstick too but I don't like that at all. When she kisses me it's all sticky and I can't get it off my face.

Clowns paint their faces too. Mummy says she doesn't want to look like that though! Clowns are scary.

Yesterday, after dinner mummy asked me if I wanted a yoghurt or an ice lolly. Actually I wanted both so it was really hard to decide. After I had been thinking for ages mummy said "Come on, it's time to make up your mind".

But how do you put make up on your mind?

I decided to have an ice lolly in the end.