16/08/2010 01:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Seven Dinky Desks For Children

Whether your son or daughter is just picking up their first colouring pencil, or preparing for a barrage of exams in the next few months, a desk can provide them with a safe haven to get into work mode (and keep your dining table paperwork free). And if they ever have the urge to scribble on their school desks, having one of their own might save them a trip to the police station!

But with manufacturers churning out plenty of miniature versions of adult furniture, it's not a huge surprise to see so many desk sets in the shops for children.

This classic wooden set in white on the right is from family favourite Marks & Spencer, and retails at £199. A pricey but stylish option.

Prefer something cheaper? Have a look at the sets below, with prices ranging from £33.99 to £99.99.