17/08/2010 07:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Two-Year-Old Girl Drowns In Spanish Pool Tragedy

A two-year-old British girl has drowned in a swimming pool at her mother's villa in the village of Benitatxell in Spain.

Police have said that two-year-old Gabriela Louisa Manning fell into the water while her mother was inside the house looking after the toddler's twin brother.

The Civil Guard spokesman said: 'It appears the mother went inside the house to attend to the young boy, and when she went back outside she found the girl's body floating in the water. She pulled the girl from the water and tried to revive her, then immediately called the emergency services.Tragically they were unable to revive her either.

'Unfortunately it can take less than 30 seconds for a person to drown and we are seeing more and more of these types of death in private swimming pools. The mother is understandably distraught.'

The mother, who is believed to be separated from the twin's father, lived with the children at the property, which is 50 miles north east of Alicante on the Costa Brava. She was treated for shock at the scene.

An ambulance service spokesperson told reporters the emergency services received an call from the mother at 5.09pm saying her two-year-old daughter had fallen in the swimming pool: 'An ambulance was sent to the address, a private home, and paramedics attempted to revive the girl. She was unconscious when they arrived and was pronounced dead at the scene.'

The children's father is though to be living in the UK.

Experts examined the pool and the house and said 'Everything points to this being a tragic accident.'

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