27/08/2010 14:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Are Diets Going Out Of Fashion?

Flickr: larryjh1234

Atkins, Zone, South Beach, Cabbage Soup, Low GI, High Fibre, Low Fat... Is there no end to the diet plans cooked up by experts in the weight-loss industry? Well the next celebrity or fad diet may just be around the corner, but according to some US health professionals, diets where you religiously count carbs, fat grams, calories or whatever the latest restricted food substance might be are out, and good, old-fashioned healthy eating is in.

For instance, a survey of 5,000 people by market research firm NPD found the number of people following weight-loss diet plans is at its lowest now than for decades. Comparing the number of people on diets in 2008 to that in 1990, the researchers discovered a downwards trend in the number of women dieting - 26 in 1990. The number of men on diets went down too, from 29 in 2008.

But why are fewer people following weight-loss plans these days? The American Dietetic Association thinks it knows the reasons. In a survey of around 800 people, ADA researchers found that almost eight out of ten people said they were quite happy with the way they ate, with just over seven out of ten admitting they just didn't want to give up their favourite foods.

These may not be the healthiest reasons for not going on a diet, but you've got to admit that all the diet plans, foods and gadgets that have been around for the past couple of decades haven't done much to solve the obesity problem.

So are we getting fed up of dieting? Or are we perhaps realising that healthy eating is, and always has been, the answer if you want to maintain a healthy weight? What are your thoughts on the subject?